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ASEAN University Network (AUN) consists of 30 permanent member universities including UUM and non-permanent member universities. One of the main programs and activities under AUN is the ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) which focuses on the development of academic quality assurance systems in the form of cooperation among the Higher Learning Institutes or Universities among the Southeast Asian region.

AUN-QA provides guidelines and tools to maintain, improve and enhance teaching, research and the overall academic standards of the university. Indirectly, this will assist UUM to increase the Global recognition as the Eminent Management University. 

The AUN-QA quality assurance model has taken into account the internationally important criteria such as The World Declaration on Higher Education for the Twenty First Century: Vision and Action (October 1998), Article 11, Quality Evaluation, a multi-dimensional form translated into 11 evaluation criteria for certification at the program level.