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20 UUM undergraduate and postgraduate students have utilised their first half-semester break of the A191 session by expanding their knowledge in the field of Quality Management System from IPQ, recently.

The Certified Quality Management System (CQSME) program is designed and planned by IPQ specifically for UUM semester 5 and above students as an added value to them before graduation and as a preparation before entering the profession.

The Manager of Global Administrative and Competitiveness Division (BPDS), IPQ, Dr. Rosman Iteng said the program was designed specifically for students who want to build their career in Quality Management after graduation.

“Participants who have successfully completed the course and passed the prescribed examinations will be eligible and recognized for quality system management executives in any organisation”.

“Practical disclosures also provided opportunities for them to experience the true way of conducting audits at IPQ.

In addition, the participants were informed of the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, the documentation process, internal audit management and Risk management.

Meanwhile, Technology Management student, Fatin Syafirah Soaid provided positive feedback on the program as the new experience and knowledge received are not taught in the classroom.

"The CQSME program is very useful and needs to be promoted aggressively to schools, clubs or student associations so that more students could attain qualifications in Quality Management System," she added.

The opening and closing sessions were conducted by an appointed Auditor General.